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      If you are new memberto these forum's say hello in here and tell us a little about yourself (dont be shy). P.S. Please fill in your email address but do not tick "show my email address" in your Profile details, spammers will lift it
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    • Care Homes for Adults/Children
      You can post here your comments: the good, bad and ugly, things you would like providers to provide, your experiences,changes that need to be made, quality of care, changes to the law etc Autism Independent UK (SFTAH) takes no responsibility to what is posted here, it soley rests with the writer, Cautious Note: avoid using personal names of care providers Re: litigation
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    • Physical Restraint v Seclusion
      Autism Independent UK.requires Information Re Physical Restraint v Seclusion, (Seclusion without restraint) Information of abuse of systems, death, injury, trauma, personal/family accounts, etc within the UK. Many other countries are adopting the seclusion methed (secluded until the person has calmed down, monitored and recorded(secluded as in placed in safe area))as being the 'least restrictive' as set out in the human rights charter. We feel this barbaric restraint system from the dark ages of two or three or more people restraining a person with moderate to profound Autism be stopped, and that monitered seclusion (video, frame,audio and date stamped) be introduced without delay. It could be your child in the future. See: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2184892/Winterbourne-View-abuse-report-Pinned-slapped-doused-water.html
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      Advertisements (AUTISM RELATED ONLY) of other groups, learning aids, foods etc can be inserted here. Please do not put them in any other forum, they will be deleted
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    • Sales And Wants
      Got something to sell, want to buy something ??? try in here. This forum is for selling of private goods NO COMPANY advertising in here. We take no responsability for what is traded in here.
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