Here at Autism Independent we are currently working on several new and exciting projects, such as:

Autism Awareness Documentary

We are currently working on an Autism awareness documentary featuring Dr Gary Mesibov Ph.D. Our target audience is primarily for carers and parents who have recently entered the realm of autism, but it will also cater for those who already have an insight on how difficult and rewarding an autistic member can be.
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With help from parent social groups local to the Northamptonshire area we have scouted to find out what questions are most commonly asked, over looked, and those that have not yet been answered.

The Documentary will be styled as a parent social group to allow REAL parents to tell their story, and what tips and advice they have to give. This will allow other parents to contribute their opinion and advice, also with professional experiences and advice from Dr Mesibov’s interview.


NEW Carer Card If you’re looking for exciting and cost effective ways to spend

your summer.


Click the red PDF logo on the right to view the new and improved carer card booklet its packed with many, many places to go this summer.

Featuring a list of swimming pools, Zoos, Bowling, Cinemas, Museums and much more! Each year an updated brochure is issued to all card members with information and contact details for many interesting and exciting places to visit in the Northamptonshire area, such as Wickstead Park, Odeon cinema and Lings Forum.

All places displayed in the booklet accept our carer card for proof of disability, and offer some fantastic concession rates.

An application for the carer card can be found on the last page of the brochure.

Our aim is to bond with as many companies, facilities and venues across the UK and to attract as many people as possible to make it easier on the pockets of those who support and help those with autism.

With your help we can spread the joy outside of the Northamptonshire county so that others may join the carer card program and people all over the UK can enjoy the benefits of fair concession rates. Help us to make this better, if you find a place of interest or have information contact Aaron


We are also currently working on some educational animated videos.

Our Offices

Office space has been accommodated in Kettering accessible to anyone looking to find reliable and more recent information on autism.

Currently available to the general public are:

Computer facilities,

A comprehensive library, including video and DVD

A photocopying facility (a small charge is made per copy)

Hours are 09.30am. -17.00 please arrange appointment. 01536 523274

Small group meetings for 8-10 people can be arranged. Refreshment facilities are available. Later meeting times may be arranged.

All can be used to help educate the understanding of those looking to improve health, life and wellbeing for those with autism.

There is also a large garden and play equipment.

Helpline: 01536 523274 available 10.00am-18.00 and 24hr answerphone, web 24 hrs a day.

Forum, many questions can be asked and answered.

With your help Autism Independent UK can grow to become a more efficient charity

Learning and living life centre

Long term aspirations are a learning and living for life centre for adults with autism.

Our vision is a centre made up of:

  • small individualized living accommodations,
  • recreational facilities (swimming pool, gym etc, that would also be open to the general public),
  • training centre (training of clinical / education psychs, teachers, nursery nurses, care professionals, parents and carers and other interested parties)
  • market gardening and sheltered workshop facilities (products and produce for sale to the general public)
  • Over night stay facility for visiting parents/professionals.
  • Small clinic for visiting consultants, orthodontist, dentistry.

The above is to be achieved by three phases..

Phase one, £1.5 m. purchase acquisition of buildings to be rented out to the general public to act as our collateral base. (Residual value and producing of funds rental)

Phase two, £500 t. towards acquisition of land, and buildings, out buildings for conversion in building the center.

Phase three, planning construction of the center

You can view our progress so far, and view how much difference YOUR donation really can make!


Phase one, now complete, collateral holding of 1.5 million.

Phase two, to be completed

Phase three, to be completed

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Every donation counts – Thank you.