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oraNurse® is an unflavoured toothpaste specially formulated for people sensitive to
strong flavours. It has 1450ppm fluoride and is SLS free (non-foaming).

oraNurse® Unflavoured Toothpaste was initially developed in a response to the need of autistic children who have a problem with taste, even to the extent of not liking the taste of water. This has resulted in the development of a paste with no flavour or sodium lauryl sulphate but still with the protection of 1450ppm fluoride.

Further information, reviews and availability can be found on our website
at www.oranurse.co.uk



BB Soda has just been launched in the UK. Read the Press Releases below for details of this new natural alternative to other canned soft drinks currently available.

  • All natural ingredients
  • No artificial colour or flavours
  • No chemical preservatives
  • Alcohol free
  • Caffeine free
  • Rich full bodied flavour
  • Smooth and refreshing with no after taste
  • Pours with a rich thick creamy head

The BB Soda logo/trademark and related material are all copyright to the Brooklyn Brewed Soda Company Plc., 16A Station Road, Harpenden, Herts.UK, AL5 4SE. Tel: (01582) 768809

The following are part of the PRESS RELEASES for BB Soda…..


Large-scale contamination of our soft drinks, though by mistake, has drawn attention to the chemicals, preservatives and colorants that are purposely introduced into these beverages. Perhaps this is because until now, there has been no alternative, this however is no longer the case. Brooklyn Brewed Soda Co. has now launched its 100% natural brewed soda. No caffeine, no preservatives, no chemicals and no alcohol.

For details of how to get BB Soda delivered straight to your door, call FREE-PHONE 0808 1001551. For callers from outside the United Kingdom, please dial 44 808 1001551, International rates will apply.

The autism Society has changed its name from (®SFTAH) ®Society For The Autistically Handicapped to ®Autism Independent UK, with working names: ®SFTAH, and Electronic Names (www(web)) ®Autism Online and ®Autism For All. These have been deposited to the UK’s Charity Commission for England and Wales

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