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      Dear forum members,
      hope someone can help.

      I live in Jersey Channel Islands.
      For sometime now i have been undergoing the “diagnosis” for Autism Spectrum Condition.
      However, because i am a late diagnosis, the diagnosis process has been complicated.

      I originally applied for an evaluation at the age of 42, in 2015.
      It took over a year to get an evaluation and it was only this time because i and my family really pushed for it.

      I was finally given an evaluation by a locally employed clinical psychologist in September 2016. And i was finally given a “working” diagnosis in October 2016.

      Now, I don’t know if anyone else has ever read about a “working” diagnosis.
      I for one have not. But according to the clinical psychologist who made the working diagnosis, she had given me the “working” diagnosis because she felt that i had some strong autistic traits, however due to the late diagnosis and the many years of trauma that i had suffered.

      She said she found it hard to make a definitive diagnosis straight away but would
      give me an additional evaluation after 6 months had expired. To make sure that both the clinical psychologist and the patient (me) was in agreement that what i suffered from was still Autism and was to the severity that it effected my life on a daily basis.

      Now, here is the problem. The original diagnosis was made by a clinical psychologist who was heavily pregnant at the time. She gave me the “working” diagnosis days before leaving to have her baby.

      What i didn’t know, is that to replace her the local social services employed a less experienced clinical psychologist.

      Now, almost 8 months have lapsed and i still have not received another evaluation.
      Having no diagnosis has left me with a cliff hanger for ever.
      This would be ok however I, as most people with autistic traits
      also suffer from chronic anxiety which is triggered by such things as danger.

      Not knowing what the diagnosis is, is causing me much un-needed suffering.
      I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what to do about this whole diagnosis thing, and if anybody had ever heard of a “working” diagnosis.

      Kind regards

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