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      Thank you for spending the time to read my post.

      I was hoping if anyone using this forum could recommend some resources that I could access for support due to my Aspergers. I have not been able get any adequate help from either the mental health services (which I believe have only made my situation worse), or any societies / groups within London. It is a very lonely existence when you are disabled, yet not intellectually impaired. For some reason, society then expects people like me to just manage on their own; the reality is that this is just not possible.

      Unfortunately, I am not lucky enough have a supportive family, although I have a couple of friends who I can speak to sometimes about my issues. On the whole, I feel very isolated.

      I find even going outside in London intimidating due to sensory issues that have been lifelong, but also because of a perceived decline in average human decency towards others. London / UK seems now in my opinion to be a very cold and callous place, and for autistic people who have difficulty relating to others and forming a social network, this is especially stress-inducing.

      I have tried to get help from the NAS, but they haven’t been of any help. My borough (Newham) also has no resources for autism. If anyone knows of any group support networks, or perhaps a private counsellor with specialist knowledge of autism, that would be very helpful.

      Thank you again, Matthew

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