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      Dear all,The new charity the Magic Reel, of which I am the director, aims to improve lives in a variety of ways through the power and magic of cinema.Following the inspiration of a program run in the US, we are looking to start monthly Sensory Friendly Film Screenings throughout the UK, starting with a pilot scheme in London, to which parents can take their children with autism or other disabilities affecting sensory integration. Screenings, for instance, would be done with lights brought up and sound brought down, no previews or ads before the film, and families can bring their own gluten-free and casein-free snacks etc. As the whole audience on the day is with or of people with autism or another disability, movement and noise is more tolerated, and the environment much more comfortable.I just wanted to have a survey to see how many here would be interested in that kind of service or find a use for it? And also, what other specifications or changes would make a cinema experience more enjoyable for you and your family?Thanks so much!Paulhttp://www.magic-reel.org.uk

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