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      Hello, my name Is Bethany, I am a psychology student. I am wanting to work with Autistic children after graduating, I am currently working on a project about the misconceptions of Autism, the views of others in everyday situations.

      I am hoping to gather some confidential information about what real people have witnessed in everyday life about this issue. So, I can build a picture of what I can include, I am creating a leaflet about the misconceptions and how these misconceptions are incorrect.

      For example, “Autistic children are just naughty” (I do not believe this). If anybody has any real-life situations I would love to hear them. (For example, comments from public, and if you ever come across articles or anything media related to do with this subject), As pat of this will look directly at media influence.

      I hope people do not mind me posting on this forum about this. I believe making sure people understand Autism is very important. Which is why I have chosen to do this.

      Thank you

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