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      Hello world,I'm Makahl, I have been diagnosed with Aspergers 2 years ago and am currently finishing high school.For my final project I've decided to choose ASS as my subject because I know a lot about it already.To finish this I need to have some people both ASS as Neurotypicals fill in a questionnaire.sincerely,MakahlPlease copy and paste Questionnaire to e-mail: lars.duim@gmail.com QuestionnaireName: (you can use your forum ID for anonimity purposes)Sex:Age:Answer the following questions with: completely agree, slightly agree, slightly disagree, completely disagree.• I rather do things by myself than together with others.• I prefer to do things the same way every time.• I can easily remember things that I like.• I have no problem following multiple conversations at the same time.• I’d rather read than visit a party.• I’m fascinated by numbers.• I have trouble making new friends.• I easily notice patterns in everything I see.• I like to collect information about certain things.• I have trouble imagining what it would be like if I was someone else.• I normally notice things other people usually miss.• I’m surprised if someone tells me I acted impolite.• I usually don’t know what to do in a social situation.• I pay more attention to details than to the overall picture• I sometimes hurt other people’s feelings by saying something without meaning to.• I almost only talk about things that interest me.• Other people think I’m strange or different.• I like to copy the way other people talk or act.• Sometimes I have trouble with sounds or other senses other people don’t have problems with.• I keep lists of things that interest me.• I talk with a normal tone.• I don’t notice if other people are ashamed or feel jealous.• I sometimes am so pre-occupied with something I have to talk about it even If people don’t care about the subject. Answer the following open questions:• How many good friends do you have?• Do you practice any sport?o So yes, which sport do you practice?• Do you spend a lot of time behind the computer?o What do you usually do on the computer?• Do you spend a lot of time watching television?o What is your favourite kind of program?• What are your hobbies?

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