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      My daughter was 3 this March and speaks less than 5 words clearly (and they can be rare to actually be spoken). The speech therapist referred her to a paediatrician for advice to make sure there was not an underlying issue stopping the speech and communication. We had our long awaited appointment yesterday and they have classed her as severe development delay with possibility of being on the autism spectrum. She has been slightly behind other children her own age since birth (crawled a little later than most, walked a little later than most etc). We have no problems with behaviour (other than the usual three year old wobblies!!), no issues with diet, she sleeps 10-11hrs a night and understands every single word we say to her. She uses sign language to communicate (she is not deaf), follows instructions and requests etc. Her hearing is being tested as we do have hearing problems on my side of the family and she is prone to ear infections, like myself. She has started nursery and loves it, took only one session to settle in and they are applying for funding to get her some one to one time to work on the communication skills she lacks. They are extremely supportive. She has even started attempting to start games and play with children despite her lack of speech, however sometimes her frustration when she is not understood ends in a "wobbly". At home she plays well and usually with me as she is an only child although we do go to toddler groups so she can socialise and she enjoys them. She doesnt really seem to be obsessive, in fact she can be very flexible and confident. She is a loving little girl that will often come and give me a kiss for no reason or put her arms out for a hug.The paediatrician has decided to give her 6 months till he sees her again, hopefully enough time to improve her communication and social skills. Regarding the potential ASD - any help and suggestions on what I have posted above would be really appreciated. Am I missing something? How can I help her more other than doing what we are doing (weekly speech therapy, one to one at nursery, plenty of time with me and her dad at home, good routine etc). I just want to prepare myself and find a network for help, advice and maybe the odd rant when needed! 6 months seems a long time till we see him again but it really isnt and I want to make the best of these 6 months and help her as much as possible 🙂 Julie xxx

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