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      Hi everyone!I'm looking into the parental well being of individuals who care for a child with Autism. I need as many people as possible, so if you have a spare 10mins please please fill it in! Both parents can complete it too, there is not a limit.You will be asked questions about your child's symptoms, stigmatisation (if you feel you have been treated differently because of your child's diagnosis) and social support from family and friends. A full explanation of the study is on the first page of the web-link.Here is the link if you wish to participate https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LDH3PZSI'm half way there with number of responses but I still need your help!As always with a piece of research you do not have to complete it if you do not feel comfortable and you can withdraw your answers at any time. However, I must ask that where possible you fill in every question and do not give up half way through as responses cannot be included if incomplete.Thanks everyone!My email address is on the link if you want to speak to me, or you can contact me via the replies section on this post if you wish, I am open to questions

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