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      Hi everyone.I am a Dad to two beautifull and handsome Autistic boys.13 and 10 years old. One of my biggest concerns for them is that they will become independent and gain jobs etc. I have huge plans to provide the best start they can have when they decide they want to start working,but i'm in no rush:} What i'd really like is to hear from you guys with ASD's that are working/employed in any capacity whatsoever.And from those of you that want to work,but for whatever reasons haven't got the job you want. My boys are both moderately autistic and very clever.We have no probs with cuddles(invading their personal space etc) as their mum and i have worked hard at addressing all those problems,with a great deal of success.Obviously we all still have problems to tackle from time to time,but they are both very responsive to me encouraging them to 'open their blinkers' as i call it.Anyway…thats probably a long enough first entry ;D I look forward to hearing from you all. thanks

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