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      ???Okay... I do not have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, nor am I related to anyone who has, but I have worked for some years as a learning support worker with children at the mild-moderate end of the spectrum and in Secondary schools. Once parent to a massively handicapped little girl, with cerebral palsy, microcephally, epilepsy and neural blindness (her eyes could see but her brain didn't 'know' it), I have experience of the tough edge of state support and provision, and have supported many friends in their own difficulties.I'm here to learn and here, I hope, to help when it comes to explaining why schools do what they do or fail to do what they fail to do. I'm interested in creating online interactive teaching and learning materials and possibly, one day, an online school for people on the spectrum, and ultimately I would like to post a web address and invite people to have a look to see if the kind of thing I'll be producing might be of interest to them. I'm not sure if that comes under 'advertising' per se, so I won't be posting any details until I find out.I'm here, too, to find more of what I have found in my day job - friends.Best wishes,

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