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      Hi everyone. I wish i'd come across this site sooner. I'm a mother to a son who is 3 and a daughter who is 18mths, but it's my son who is concerning me.I'm not one to lay my problems on other people, as i don't really like asking for help, but this time i think i need too.My son is beautiful. He is a happy boy and has a laugh that would make your heart melt.I've been blessed with such a lovely boy. The problem is, is that he has a very noticeable developmental delay in his speech, language and social skills. I must admit, as a parent i didn't notice until a new nursery opened up near our home. i took him to his 2 yr assessment at the health visitor who asked me these questions, does he say this? does he do that? I took him to the nursery where i thought playing with other children would "bring him on", but it didn't. His key worker referred him to speech therapy who we are still seeing - refuses to diagnose him, saying he is "complex".I'm at my wits end, and i'm sure you've heard this story before and sick of hearing it again, but i need someone. something. to listen to me as noone seems to give me a straight answer. In a nutshell, my son rarely understands what you're saying to him, doesn't/rarely gives eye contact, doesn't make sentences, only likes certain food and certain routines, has violent tantrums and kicks out.... isn't it weird when your mind goes blank..If anyone can share a story, advice, routes of assessment etc, i'd be grateful. I'd be grateful if someone just read this, and found it comforting in a way.Thanks for reading. x

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