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    Hi Another newbie here. I have suspected I have some form of Autism for the last 15 years (as my stepson was diagnosed with ASD back in 1998 when he was 8, just before I met my wife)I have all the classic signs and have taken many online tests that all score high in the ASD area, I know these are not completely accurate but it just made my case more solid and convincing. I am 100% convinced I do have some form of autism and my wife was sceptical at first but once she "observed" my behaviour and habits she is now more convinced I do have some sort of Autism.I don’t have any issues and I am completely happy with myself and my take on the world. I know what to avoid and more importantly how to remain calm most of the time!I have had a few meltdowns, purely down to what people would consider minor issues and I was totally over reacting. My emotions catch me out at times and I sometimes struggle with the simple day to day emotional stuff.I have been having difficulties at work recently but I cope by removing myself from conflicting situations and normally can deal with this. However things have now caught up with me and I am only a step away from being sacked. I decided to get an assessment from my GP for this reason so I could set some boundaries at my work that allowed me some breathing space. My initial meeting with the GP wasn’t that productive as she said that there are no assessments done in the local healthcare area and it would cost £1000 to send it outside. I said ok then lets do it. She then went on to say that maybe I should take some CBT or mindfulness sessions, I tried to explain that I have taken these years therapies before but found them irrelevant as I do not work A B C D... more like A C then D. I found the sessions I took stupid and totally wrong for me.Anyway I have to go back in 2 weeks to see if the process has been approved for further funding/approval Can anyone give me some advice on this matter? as I got a sinking feeling when I spoke to my GP

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    That's awful, I went to the GP with my suspicions and was referred for a diagnosis straight away. I would say that you need to persistent and demand a referral if they continue to withhold one.

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