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      Hi all,I am new to the forum and I am hoping someone can help me.First off, I have tried my local CAB, but they are understaffed etc. I have tried Welfare rights, and am on the huge waiting list. They are not doing new claims and are instead, focussing on “Appeals”.I have printed out the online PDF version of the DLA1A Child claim form for my 11 year old Autistic Son, I have tried filling out to the best of my ability, but it is so hard to do.I need help (with examples if possible from members who have already completed and successfully claimed for their Autistic child please - I have tried the various Guides out there, but am still stuck - the form has and continues to stress me out).The sections that I am stuck on are:Part 5: Has physical Disabilties (would I be right in ticking this box, because autism is Physical as well as mental disability? - My Son appears to be clumsy and trip over his own feet etc, and by the looks of it, most if not all ASD children are like this? Yes??)Has a long term illness (would I be right in ticking this box as ASD is for life?)Therapy - Does the child need therapy?Would someone be so kind as to give me some examples of what to put here please?Part 24 - Help the child needs when they go out during the day or in the eveningWould someone be so kind as to give me some examples of what to put here please?Part 26 - Anything else about the way the child is affected by their illnesses or disabilitiesNow, I do realise that these are completed per an individual childs needs/basis, but expels would be appreciated.As for the times/days etc - they are a right pain. Thank you in advance for all help received.

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