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      Hello everyone,I am a newbie and I hope I am posting in the correct forum.My son is in a mainstream primary school. We have applied for EHCP and waiting to hear the results. In the meantime the school has provided him with one to one support in the class and they have adapted his work in class to his needs. In the last few weeks on 4 occasions he has hit out at his one to one support. I am still in the process of finding out the reasons why? I received a phone on Thursday afternoon from the head saying he has made a decision to exclude my son from school for the welfare of his staff.My son will be returning on Wednesday and I wanted some advice on what to say or suggestions I can make to the school in regard to supporting him at school.He had an autistic assessment in July which was inconclusive and they are referring him to the ADHD clinic to be assessed.Look forward to your responses.Many thanks ?

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