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    • Liz
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      Hi there – as the title says I’m mum to 4 children including twins, one of whom is severely autistic. He is non verbal and has a profound learning disability which limits his understanding as well as his speech. He is currently at home with me but I must admit we are finding it increasingly difficult to manage him alone. I am hoping to get some much needed advice and support here from others in a similar position who understand the struggle.

      Thanks for listening and I look forward to ‘meeting’ everyone 🙂

    • Jess
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      Hi Liz,
      I currently work with a boy with autism who was home schooled up until this January.
      He is also 8 and has now just started at school.
      We are working on the basics of phonics and maths and he is making good progress. Each child is completely different autism or no autism.
      Have you spoken to any local special schools they should be able to give advice to you even if you decide to keep him at home.
      The fact that you’re on here means you are an active mum who wants the best and for that you’re amazing!
      Keep up the good work. My background is in psychology and I am happy to help where possible!

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