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      Hello, my name is Louise and I have 2 boys aged 7 and 4.10. My
      youngest is of my mind and his ex-SLT ( American ) 100% Hyperlexic,
      it was his ex American SLT who suggested my sons Hyperlexia at his
      Decembers IDP meeting at preschool. The following week I was given
      some info which she had pulled off from http://www.hyperlexia.org I read it
      once, twice and jumped for joy as she had found my very COMPLEX son,
      I was so relieved and pleased as I could begin to understand all the
      many daily challenges I was facing, a few days later the penny
      dropped, oh no …its associated with Autism, to be honest it took me
      at least 2 months of study and research before I could comfortably
      say the word. On the 12/7 he met the Senior Paediatrician for an
      assessment who said that Hector was fit and healthy, very active,
      very bright and very complex, he was not sure what the Educational
      Psychologist was going to make of him. On Mon the 23/7 he was seen
      for another assessment with the Educational Psychologist, this went
      well as Hectors Autism was pretty strong and clear for the 90 mins
      that he was happy to be in the room. I actually enjoyed the
      experience because I felt a huge sense of relief that all of my
      concerns were going to be dealt with. The Educational Psychologist
      asked me if I had looked at Asperger Syndrome, I said yes and had
      dismissed it because of his excellent Gross Motor Skills and his VG
      Fine Motor Skills. I told her that I felt that Hector seemed to only
      fit Hyperlexia 100% but I also said that it appeared that there is
      not a standalone diagnosis for it, more is the pity, as I really want
      it recognised and Hector also needs Hyperlexia recognised as his
      precocious reading ability is helping him at home with his language
      and I know it will definately help him in the classroom as he started
      school in Sept. I have received the report and it does not read too well – level of dysfunction – SEVERE. She also said that Hector
      will be referred for Sensory Integration Disorder to the Occupational
      Therapist at the Diagnostic/Planning meeting, when she said those words I could have jumped for joy as Hector often does, as I truly believe this is something serious that gets in the way for Hector to enjoy life more.

      One of the Early Years team members very kindly gave me her own
      personally signed copy of ” The Toxic Child ” by Sue Palmer, I have
      only just started reading the book and I am already coming to the
      conclusion that it is going to reinforce what I already know about the way life can be if we choose it to be that way. Has anybody heard of or read this book. Personally I am trying to not feel offended as it really does look at the Basics eg. Diet and how to wean off junk, Play & Exercise and the crucial role they have in childrens development, Why sleep is vital for learning and how to ensure children get enough of it, the dangers of television & computers and how to get the best out of electronic media, education and how to help your child prosper at school. I am finding it too obvious and full of common sense ( IYKWIM )

      The book that I really want to read is the highly recommended ” Out of Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz. I suppose I really should get it now.

      He has Sensory Issues and I would like that looked into ! He has had
      Skin Prick Testing at the Allergy Centre and tested positive for 3/10
      non-food substances – House Dust Mites, Cats & Dogs, we have a cat so
      you can imaine how busy I was, I fully recommend “PetalCleanse” for
      cats/dogs, his common cold like symptoms are alot less frequent these
      days. I also decided to remove Casein from his diet, I have had so
      much positive feedback regarding the change in his behaviour (
      fascinating) I noticed a difference in 4 days, more focused/ better
      meaningful communication with improved eye contact and calmer. The
      Dieician at the Allergy Centre has requested that he has Coeliacs
      Screening Test, Immunoglobins, Full Blood Count, U&E, Glucose & Liver
      Function Test, naturally I have concerns regarding his well being and
      also there is strong history of Coeliacs Disease on my side of the
      family, I will be removing Gluten from his diet after the test
      results have been looked at, I will be following the GFCF diet.

      I have read 2 books regarding Hyperlexia and I can thoroughly
      recommend them:

      When Babies Read by Audra Jensen

      Reading Too Soon by Susan Martins Miller

      I have found many good websites for further information regarding
      Hyperlexia and for joining a Global Network of Virtual Friends, the
      main thing I have learnt is to not allow myself to feel alone or
      misunderstood, learn all I can about the condition,.Become his
      expert. Look for the keys that work for my very young son and to not
      stop until I have found them. He is very unique and has this amazing
      gift of being able to read way ahead of his peers, this can be used
      to help him to learn the language and to socialise. I am aware that
      early diagnosis is important, as this will enable effective teaching
      strategies which will encourage more typical childhood development.

      Hector had a reading assessment at school and has been given a reading age of 8.2, apparently his teacher was very impressed with the amount of focus and attention he gave to the task for a very long time, she felt his reading age could have gone alot higher but she wanted to stop at a level to determine that he understood all that he was reading. I have lent her my copy of ” When Babies Read “, I really hope she picks it up because I know from personal experience that after reading this very well written book she will understand my son far better and possibly recognise other undiagnosed children who have slipped through the net.

      Would love to hear from other parents/carers in the UK who think or know for sure that they have a Hyperlexic Child !

      I would really appreciate your thought and comments regarding Hectors
      pending diagnosis for AS, I am trying to not get frustrated, I would
      be alot happier if the fit was better. The letter has arrived
      for the Stage 3 Planning/Diagnostic Meeting for Wed 17th Oct.

      Do you have any book recommendations for helping me to understand
      Aspergers ?

      I am looking forward to hearing from you especially if you live on
      the IOW or the South Coast !

      Thankyou, Kind regards Louise UKSAHM to Ambrose 7 (NT) & Hector
      4.10 ( AS Diagnosis Pending )

      Mother of 2 boys aged 6y6m and 4y4m my youngest is in my mind 100% Hyperlexic ( diagnosis appointment Mon 23/7

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      louise,did you ever live in Brighton,Sussex

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      Originally posted by L.kerr
      louise,did you ever live in Brighton,Sussex

      I have lived in many towns in the UK. I have never lived in Brighton however I have visited in the past.

      Mother of 2 boys aged 6y6m and 4y4m my youngest is in my mind 100% Hyperlexic ( diagnosis appointment Mon 23/7

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