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      I am a new member and I must say I am very amazed and impressed at how much support and advice there is online. This site is heaven sent !

      I have a 2 1/2 year old son with suspected ASD but no diagnosis yet. The main problem is lack of speech and a low level of desire to communicate needs. On the positive side, he is peaceful and contented, does not have tantrums, does not seem to be routine obsessed, does not have sensory issues, sleeps well and eats well. He does smile and make eye contact on his own terms – mainly to be told what a word in a book is or to share pleasure at a scene in ‘Bob the Builder’. He also has a ‘phone game that he loves us to play with him. He has simple receptive language and so far responds well to ‘no’

      So all in all, quite a positive review but would love to kick start better communication even if speech is a way off yet.


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