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      Hi.I am Barbara and wearing two hats - professionally I am an experienced advocate, social care expert and HE tutor and personally, I have only recently discovered I have substantial neurodiverse traits. At the age of 62, I am only glad I do not have a diagnosis/label - although challenges in my life have been considerable.I did several online AS tests after I heard a prof from Salford speak on BBC radio 4 about his AS last April! The article still inspires me, but I also like Sam Craft's work in the US about women-specific AS aspects.So far for now, looking forward to chatting -PS a practical question - I am not sure what the intro means re hiding the email address? can I still do that and if so, how?WHEN YOU REGISTER BOTS CAN GET HOLD OF YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND START SENDING YOU SPAM AND OTHER NASTIES, ONLY INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR POST IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO CONTACT YOU DIRECT. PLEASE check the box "do not show my email address to others" on the REGISTRATION PAGE. I have completed this for you.

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