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      My wife has an 8 year old son that is autistic and here in the phillipines help is not all that. He has spent several years in a shelter for orphans and they havent realy been much help . i will admit they have been very kind and caring.
      As a new father of 6 i find it almost over whelming but when i married her i knew what i was getting into.
      Heres a little bit about yadie a small child of 8 he really has no verbal skills, still drinks from a bottle, prefers to mess on the floor other than use the diaper we put on him,only sleeps a few hours at a time, likes to bang the wall or door to get interaction even at 3 30 in the morning, will slap others to wake us up. has no concept of the word wog, wog meaning no, loves being cleaned, will show plenty of affection to us,
      In short Help , advice , or just prayers will be much apprecated

      What better love than the one from God

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