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      Hi I am Julia and I have 6 kids all are ok exept having issues with my 2 year old we are waiting on a griffins assessment ? Well Jody is 2 years 5 months old and we know she has speech deley and understanding delayShe doesn't talk much says mum dad nana but very selective she Can't say dog cat ball ect and can't put 2 words together She doest understand when she is being naughty or doing something wrong and I get no reaction from shouting no at her I do however get a reaction if I touch her and say no All this saying she is clever when she doesn't have to use speech or if I ask her to get baby bottle or nappie ect in the house she can and for instance if I show here a pic of a smurf she will attempt to sing the tune she cam him twinkle twinke Does any of this sound fermilure? Thanks

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