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      Hello every1, i am new to these forums. My 21 month old son has just been diagnosed with autism. Please share your experiences… when was your child diagnosed? What was the first therapy you started? Results? Best therapy suited? ABA any good? Any charities available to help with funding of the ABA programme. How to go about arranging one? Best ABA provider? I am based in Leicester.I had strong suspicions that my son had autism that why 1 and a half month back i started him on GFCF diet (no major changes yet). I have bought baby bumblebee dvds from usa which have very good reviews and have started him on those. Read him a couple of animal books everyday (peekaboo ones, not stories). Have pasted pictures of food items in the kitchen and encourage him to give me one in order to get that particular item for eg milk, biscuit, crisps... He keeps giving me the wrong ones (sometimes right ones esp when its milk that he wants). I am thinking of setting up a visual timetable for him but dont know where to get the pictures from.What did you do when your child was diagnosed. Anything else that i should be doing. I want to do the best that i can do for him.

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