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      Hi everyone, this is my first time posting. I have a five year old son, and earlier this year his teacher approached me and said she thought she had better refer him because he was showing signs of autism.He's had speech and language problems, when he started nursery three days after his third birthday he couldnt talk, simple as.The speech and language is fine now, he never shuts up, BUT he's a loner at school, he doesnt have any friends outside of school and prefers being on his own in school and out and when I google autism whatever I read seems like whoever wrote it wrote it about my son, I'm not very clued up on autism but I do think he has "something" to a degree, whatever that is.Tomorrow he's got an appointment at the hospital and I think it's for this, he used to go to hospital because he had glue ear but the consultant discharged him as this apparently cleared itself up, and he's now been discharged from speech and language so I think tomorrow is for autism but what I was wanting to know is what will happen tomorrow? How will they find out if he is autistic or isnt?At the best of times he's very difficult if you ask him to do things.

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