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      At the age of 51 I have recently been diagnosed. Still not sure if this is a good or bad thing.Have been picked up by adult autism services and to be honest I am not happy with how this is going, they seem to have a play book and stick to it. An assessment tool (spectrum star) has been used to identify need, I would forward that this is very simplistic and did not feel very appropriate for me. I passed on these feelings to the worker, but did not get any feedback. I get the impression that the ASD team have services they offer, everyone gets the service, using an assessment tool that itself appears flawed or not suited for complex cases or those with co morbidity. I would even go so far to suggest that it appears that service would use and direct the assessment to identify the needs that the service they have can address, rather than the actual genuine need and then as the service is not set up to address needs outside a very narrow focus. Then with the worker identifying that input outside this narrow remit is required has made a referral to community mental health team.I am now very concerned that they are ramping up my diagnosis and need as a result of failings within the service rather than due to actual need.Has anyone else had this sort of thing.

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