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      hi,am new to the forum but not new to autism or the autism & autistic communities,am often looking for new autism communities but have always ended up being bullied off them or treated like am on the level of other users in terms of mental capacity.am thirty,have lived in institutional and residential care for a decade, have severe classic autism with severe challenging behavior & mild intelectual disability and other conditions including brain injury from years of unprotected head banging.due to SCB was expelled from special school at fifteen and from then on had spent day and night on a computer,due to SCB again was expelled from two special colleges that were integrated into mainstream colleges after only a few weeks in each of them.thanks to the computing all day and night;am able to communicate in sentances in text but also enjoy advocating for fellow autists on the 'severe' spectrum on autistic communities as theres so few of us online,autism and ID activism are big interests of mine although am not a follower of 'neuro diverse' nor pro cure,am pro choice and hate the way much of the autistic community in particular fights to strip the disability label from the spectrum with no understanding of what those of us on the severe or profound spectrums go through,nor what their fellow HFAs/aspies may think;there are quite a few who are pro cure.am an athlete for the special olympics and have just been accepted onto a special olympics cheshire swim team-up until three months ago had never stepped into water because had suffered from such severe sensory problems with water,but last september had gotten detained at greenways learning disability assessment and treatment hospital for four months and one of the therapies was given was sensory integration which upon release late january allowed self to finaly go swimming for the first time in a wet suit-am unable to go in water without it but staff say am a natural in the water as only needed float aids for one session.am a student at a special college called; david lewis centre, doing animal therapy/management and have two pet lionhead X rabbits called mabel and lady binkerton [binky for short], and six pet chickens and two cats [at family home],as well as an extra cat until their owner is found- [the one in avatar] they turned up on the door step today after being stood in the pouring rain confused and lost.am now living in a specialist care home in the community with two to one support and a waking night plus sleep in staff at night but the social services learning disability team and support service of mine have been told by greater manchester police if they have to come out to restrain again will end up having to move back to secure residential care, which is nothing but glorified babysitting with no options to get out of the building as am on a high risk assessment against traveling with other people.anyway,this is self,hope to stick around!!!

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