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      Hi everyone!First let me apologise - I saw that the post directly before mine was asking for research participants as well! Sorry if that's annoying! Also sorry if you've seen this post before, because I've put it in several forums.ANYWAY.I'm ResearchBunny, and I'm a postgraduate student working in the Museum field. I'm not on the spectrum myself (at least not diagnosed, although I have some traits) but I have family and friends with diagnoses and I'm really trying to advocate for them in my work. And by them, I also mean you! And all of us!At the moment I'm working on a project making recommendations for the designing of a new gallery at Eureka, the National Children's Museum in Halifax. It's going to take a good few years in the process but they're hoping to make the design as autism-friendly as possible. This is pretty much the last phase of my work with them and I've developed a questionnaire to try and find out exactly what you, the community, would want from that sort of gallery. Now that I've introduced myself I was hoping someone could tell me what would be the most appropriate place in the forum to explain my research and post a link to my questionnaire.Is it ok to post that sort of stuff in this forum? I don't want to contravene any rules or step on anyone's toes - I just want as many diverse responses as possible, so I can make my report to the museum as representative of what people actually want as possible!So, that's me! Hello, and I hope we have fun getting to know each other!Please Post link to questionnaire in the research forum, thanks.

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