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      I am a mother of a 11 year old boy, he was diagnosed with AS at 7, but we have struggled and been lost in the network, with no proper support and help. Now he has started Secondary school, he has regressed emotional and socially to where we were at the age 5. He has always been polite, thoughtful when every going correctly, anything out of order or unexpected change all hell lets loose. |Finally we will start the Statutory Assessment system after half term hols. My husband has also been diagnosed with AS, after going through the process with my son, we realised that we were also talking about him. It does give me an insight to how my son acts and thinks because my husband can explain it more clearly to me because he thinks the same. But it is also very frustrating !!! I have two obsessional and always right, everything black and white not reasoning, no grey areas persons in my life and also have a very opinionated daughter 9 going on 16. I feel at times I am walking on eggshells in a minefield of misunderstanding, anger and frustrations.

      Anybody who feels the same please let me know.


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