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      Hi,I joined today after being told by my practice nurse to join an online forum rather than see my GP about my autism... I think to understand me, and why I'm here, I will have to give you a slight background to what has happened, so sorry about the long post.Two years ago I went to see my GP down in London about anxiety problems that I was having and was told that this was down to my autism, but I really didn't know I had it. I used to work with young people with specialist needs and have basic understanding that everyone is on the autistic spectrum but I never thought that I was anywhere near the end that would be diagnosed.For the past two years you would have thought I went on a journey of self discovery, but instead, because I didn't know that much about what was going on and how this was affecting my life (and most prob. a lot of denial) I basically swept it under the rug and tried to ignore it.I have since moved back up north and over the past few months more than not I have been becoming more 'rigid' in my ways and not wanting to really go out, socialise and panic when out in public.I just need advice - If I don't need to see my GP, who do I need to see - or is it just all in my head?

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      oh bless you. I'm sorry I don't have any advice to offer. I'm new to the whole autism thing really, my son was diagnosed at the beginning of the month. There are lots of online forums some which are busier or more helpful than others. Sometimes we get on better on different ones so don't give up because you haven't received any replies yet.HugsHelen

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