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      My father had a responsible, well-paid job in the construction industry and owned and drove a car, but I only heard him speak about a dozen times in 20 years. He made no attempt to engage people in any way, and he avoided eye contact, and I never saw him display any sort of emotion. He had a compulsion that involved gambling, although he never reacted whether he won or not.One characteristic was that if, for instance, you asked him if he wanted, say, a sandwich, he would give a chesty grunt. If you then asked him if he wanted, say, a cheese, or a ham sandwich he would give exactly the same grunt. It seemed that he knew what a sandwich was if he saw one, but if the word ‘sandwich’ was included in a sentence containing some sort of choice or preference, it became ‘invisible’. Am I making sense? It’s also possible that he had some sort of photographic memory as he once drove us on a holiday to continental Europe (before the age of Motorways), and the only time I saw him look at any map was before we left England, and yet he always seemed to know exactly where he was. Any of your thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

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