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      Note: SFTAH transferred this from old data base when site was updated, thus date and name lost, all dates 2006 & 2007 changed during changeover to odd dates.Hi all,Hope you're doing well. As a reminder: I'm one of the students at the Royal College of Art working on a design for teenagers with ASD. The last time I posted in this site is already some time ago, unfortunatelly I did not get much response, hopefully you can give me some input this time. We would be really greatful if you could take some time to answer the following questions!We just had our third presentation in college and afterwards we decided to design a garment for teenagers with ASD that enables them to cope better with stressful situations caused by sensorial (audio) overload through reduction of sounds that cause distress and through deep pressure touch stimulation (without using weight).Therefore I have some new questions to ask to you all. Would you mind taking a look and answering them where possible?Thanks a lot!These are the questions, in three categories:Deep pressureDoes or did your child use weighted products like blankets, vests, belts and lap cushions?When do/did they use them? In what situations? Which moment of the day? What does it do for them?Do they have a preference on where they like to feel the deep pressure?For how long do you use a weighted item each time? Minutes, hours, all day?If they have stopped using them at an older age, why is that?Why does it seem that there are only weighted products for younger children and elderly?What does your child do to calm down when they get feeling stressed?What do they do to calm down after a meltdown?Does your child do physical activities to calm down before or after a meltdown?Oversensitive hearingDoes your child use music, headphones to block out environmental noise?Do they use other things to damp the noise? (Hands, fabrics, cushions, ….)Do they have a favourite song/sound? What is this?Do they like so called 'white noise'?When do they feel they need it the most? In which situations?Do they turn up the volume in more stressful situations?Are they allowed to use anything like this in school? Headphones, earplugs, hoodies...Which sounds/noises can cause high levels of stress?What do they do at moments of high stress caused by noise/sound?What are the environments/contexts they tend to avoid because of their noise/sounds?Fiddle objectsDo your child use fiddling objects? What kind of objects?In what situations are they used?What characteristics do they like in a fiddling object?If they used them before, but stopped using them, why is that?If there are not applicable please skip them.I hope these ar not too many.Please skip the ones that are not applicable.Hope to hear from you!Since you are the experts!Katrien

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