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      http://www.carehome.co.uk/news/article.cfm/id/1561094/cqc-pledges-to-watch-covert-family-footage-on-poor-careWhat do other people think about the idea of cameras in care homes? I think it would be a good idea if they were in any place, whether public, charitable or private, where there are vulnerable people of any age who would need evidence or abuse. Cameras could also catch up on abuse of patients by other patients, or indeed assaults on staff by residents in certain hospitals as has happened recently – basically any violent incident. However, I am not sure about the cameras being hidden, if you had CCTV it might actually prevent abuse in the first place, which I would far prefer. Also, obviously there would have to be very very strict control over the footage so it doesn’t end up on YouTube or sold to the general public or something. Is there a way of organising patients / residents and their family to make sure of this? Also, who would pay for the installation of cameras and make sure they are being used properly?

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