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      Sorry… it's me again. I forgot to say that I'd found Carly's story on Youtube, “Autistic girl expresses unimaginable intelligence”. She is a twin but her sister is not Autistic. I've read a short extract of this book online in which her father writes about the exhaustion and frustration they experienced. On the Youtube clip, you hear how the breakthrough, using the laptop, wasn't an easy process but it has enabled Carly to describe her suffering…. the noises in her head, pain in her limbs are the reason for her headbanging.Quote “if I don't I feel like my head is going to explode…It's like shaking a can of Coke”. It makes you realise that there was an intelligent girl trapped inside this disruptive behaviour. Now she can communicate with her family.This would never have been discovered without the laptop and I can only hope that modern technology may provide help to people with Autism in the future in new, maybe unimaginable ways…the sooner the better. She has a Facebook site to which I've sent a “hello”. Best wishes to you all, Chris.xxx

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