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      Hi I'm wondering if you or anyone you know with autism can help me...I am currently developing an interactive DVD to be used as part of a police training package. The DVD will be used to educate police officers how best to approach and manage people with a variety of mental health needs. I am looking to speak with people in the UK who suffer from autism or developmental issues and have had encounters with the police. I would like to hear either positive experiences and encounters where the approach of the officers could have been improved or possibly where the actions of the police officer/s unknowlingly made the situation worse. Initially I would be keen to speak to anyone who has an experience to share. This research will mean that police officers are better trained to understand the needs of people with mental health issues and will ensure the success of the training package. I would then be looking to film with a number of people for about 45 minutes on Tuesday 25th August. For those people who I would be filming with I would be able to make a payment of £50. The filming would take the form of an interview about your experience and what you felt was positive or how you feel the encounter could have been improved. I am aware that the filming date is really close now and would be happy to talk to you anytime about this over the next couple of days. I really appreciate any help and time that you are able to give. I can be contacted anytime on +44 (0)7968 342 170 and if you would like I will be happy to call you straight back on your phone number, or email me with a contact number and appropriate time to call you on karenemsley@hotmail.co.uk. All conversations would be totally confidential and do not commit anyone to taking part in the final filming.Many thanks and kindest regardsKaren

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