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      Hi, im new to this and looking for some advice, my son (9years old) diagnosed with ASD has been being bullied at school for a long time now and i have spoken to the school on many occasions but as soon as they speak to him he says that all is alright and nothing is wrong or that they are not bullying because they have told him they are his friends and that you shouldnt tell on your friends! last wednesday he told me that a child has been bullying him and that the teacher is horrible to him (has said after marking his worK ” I DONT KNOW WHY YOU GOT THAT WRONG ITS EASY!”) he has said that he does not want to back into that school and could he write a letter to the head to say how he feels, i agreed to this but explained to him that they would want to talk to him and that he has to tell them how he really feels. i handed his letter in on thursday morning with a covering letter to which i recieved a call to arrange a meeting and that to tell me that the child that is bullying my son has been spoken to, he came out of school on thursday in a state as the child had said to him that he was a big mistake and shouldnt have been created! he was very distressed and refused to go back to the school untill they changed his class, i told them he would not be in school untill after the meeting which was today. They sat my son down and asked him what was wrong and he told them that he felt the teacher and the other boy were picking on him. he told them that he didnt want to be anywhere near that teacher (he has never disliked any adult working at the school before) or come back to school untill they move his class, he got quite distressed, he has said he wants to go to school just not this one.then the teacher in question happened to pop in to collect something (a set up!) he got quite distressed and she sat down and started to talk to him, she then told him if he come in tomorrow he could go on the new ipad air and research Meerkats (my son has 2 obsessions that they know about and they are technology and Meerkats!) he agreed to coming in. now this evening he is saying that they were tricking him and saying things that he likes because they knew he would say yes, i myself was not happy with how it went and he has 3 teaching staff in the room with him. he said he had to agree because there was too many of them, where do i go from here?? any advice would be greatly recieved >:(

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