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      Hello, We are a research team from King’s College London funded by the European Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) (http://www.eu-aims.eu/), and are currently recruiting for a study called 'Brain Imaging in Babies (BIBS)'. The primary purpose of this study is to better understand infant brain development during pregnancy and after birth. We hope to identify biomarkers that may be predictive of Autism and/or ADHD, as well as markers that may be protective in preventing children at risk of such conditions from developing clinically significant traits. We are currently trying to recruit ladies who are pregnant or have recently given birth, and who already have a child with a diagnosis of ASD or ADHD, or they themselves and/or partner have been diagnosed with the conditions. If anyone would be interested in hearing more about our study, contact the BIBS team on 0207 848 5852/0207 848 0829 or email the team on bibs@kcl.ac.uk. Many Thanks!

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