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      My name is Lucy and I am new to here . I just wanted ask whether anyone would be interested in filling in one my questionnaires relating to sensory issues and autism. I am in my final year of my degree and I have chosen as part of my final piece, my dissertation to look into this area. I am personally very interested in this as my sister is autistic and she herself is very sensory but also from a professional side also as I work with a child with ASD during term time and work for a charity working with SEN children and adults during the holidays. I am gathering opinions and views from both parents and professionals to gain a more rounded view on the subject and to see whether professionals and parents have the same outlook and also the differing views of persons working with SEN children in mainstream schools opposed to SEN schools. I would be extremely grateful to anyone who would take the time to fill this in as this is a subject I am very passionate about! Autism is often misunderstood by many and the more research that is done the more we can help and support persons with ASD. Also if there are any individuals with Autism on here who would like to contribute their thoughts that would be fantastic. The questionnaire is aimed at parents/carers as I am on a Childhood education degree, however, to gain the views of older persons who actually can tell the story from their own perspective would be unbelievably valuable. Thanks again 🙂http://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/atz5r1nh1goo0et660613 - questionnaire link 🙂

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