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      I developed this theory from my own personal experiences with Autism and ADHD. I have been diagnosed with both ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder in my mid twenties. I was unaware I had Autism but was sure I had ADHD, well Attention deficit disorder without the hyperactivity anyway. So I went through the doctor and ended up getting diagnosed with both. I believe my sister also has the same form of autism. I also believe my mother has ADHD. My mothers mother is from Southern Italy and my mothers father is English a Nordic European. I believe that it is this mixing of ethnicities by my grandparents that gave my mother ADHD which was then passed down to me and I believe my autism was passed down to me through this but like genetic conditions do it skipped a generation missing my mother and effecting me. Of course I accept this is just a personal view.Please visit my website to find out more about my theoryhttp://autismadhd.angelfire.com/and let me know what you think

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