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      Hi can anyone please help / offer advice My 6 year old son has never really settled at school and previously been labelled as naughty until approximately 2-3 months ago his school teacher approached me and said she felt my son may have autism due to some of the behaviours he displays ....gets angry and upset very easily in class, struggles to process more than one instruction at a time, doesn't like change of routine, can be very hyper, walks on his tip toes....at home we don't have any particular issues although this evening me telling him he is going to bed has resulted in crying, shouting & hitting the sofa (he's never done this before) he has then calmed down but sat repeating an inaudible word then after a shower he was fine and You'd never know anything had happened?!We've been to our GP and they have advised we need to see a pediatrician - we're currently waiting for the appointment to come through I don't really know what I'm asking here .....just feeling a little lost as I don't know what to do.....I'm getting daily-weekly feedback from the teachers to say the problem is not getting any better - they are trying to give him 1 on 1 teaching but cannot do this all the time....

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