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      hello was wondering if i could pls get some advice from you ?iv been with my bf for about 4 month now and iv known him yrs b4 that tho but only recent him as my bf (4 mth like i said )neway hes a lovely guy but he has aspergers and bipolar and he self harmsthis wasnt a problem 4 me but sumtime makes r relationship hard 🙁he wud tell me 2 get off him wen i went 2 hug him as he sed it hurt him and sumtimes evrythin seemd 2 b on his terms onlysumtimes if i was upset if i told him sumthin and wed end up arguin coz he cud sumtimes cum across as cold and i told him he was an emotiuonless robot 4 just standin ther when i criedi did very much regret this and apologzed 2 him 🙁 this was b4 i read up on his aspergersiv had a few mental health probs in past but ok at mowe had big argument 3 wks ago and he ended up in the mental health hospital n wen he got disharged he was sleepin rough then at a friends sofa n sum utha places but i bumped in2 himand he came bk 2 my flat n we agreed 2 giv it anutha try n he wud text me but then i herd nuthin from himi rang his friend house where he was stopin n he refused 2 tlk 2 me i kept tryin n he wud stil ignor mei then saw him at the shop 3 days l8r n he totaly ignord me sayin he cud not deal with life rite nowthen 4 day l8r i saw him agen in the town centa n he let me wlk round with him but sed his friend kicked him out so now he was in the mental healkh hospitl agenhe let me hug him n hold his hand n he told me hed not deletd r pics we took n he stil showin on face bok as in reltionship with me he nt chnged that but then egen he not loged on as far as i knobut we kno each utha passwrd 4 email addires n sumtime he been loggin on his email coz it tel me his activity n he not changd his password on ther at all n he stil have a pic of us both as profile pic on email page 4 profile pagehis mutha dont like me as no1 gud enuf 4 her son n he been goin her house sumtime becoz at mo he think if he duz as his told then his mental social worka wil help him find a flat and if he not do as she say when she tel him go up ther 4 aftanoon that she wil make sure he dont get a flatnow he aint stupid he is highly inteligent and not gulible but its like he get an infomation oveaload n then he shuts downhe told me ages ago himself that he find it hard 2 face ppl sumtime n he stay awayn now the mental hospital r monitorin his medications so hes very tired al time n very paranoid so he go along with wot othas say lk his mum as he 2 tird n 2 weary 2 argu not bcoz hes stupidbut now afta he told me we still 2getha he now not takin my phonecalls at the hospital wher hes stopinim really confusediv sent him a leta there askin him 2 meet me n he wont or tlk 2 mewot do i do ?i luv him n wud wait as long as took or am i wastin time?i feel sure knowin wot hes like that he wudnt of let me hug or touch him utha day if he did not want me 2he wud of sed 2 get off or just plain noi miss him so wot wud u all advise as best thing 2 do?do u think he stil wants 2 b with me?he sed also he cant deal wel with life at the moim sory about the spellin not very good dyslkexici apologisthanks 4 ne help every1from kat x x x 🙂

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