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      Hi ThereMy name is James Russell and i am a film maker in the UK. i recently made a documentary film called RESONANCE BEINGS OF FREQUENCY which reveals how our exposure to a cocktail of man made wireless frequencies is having biological effects on our health. while research and making the film i read much about Autism and its rise in prevelence in recent years and i developed the opinion that one of the factors involved in this increase is exposure to these man made frequencies. In the mid 90's only 3% of us had a mobile phone. now almost all of us have one. we also have cordless phones in our home and wireless internet devices. all of which emiting radiation known as microwaves. incredibly there has not been a single piece of research which examins the long term health effects of such a cocktail of constant exposure. I am currently making a short docu film which examins if the rise in autism is indead connected to the rise in our exposure to man made frequencies. and i wouyld love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the subject and possible feature you in the filmmy email is james@flatfrogfilms.comi really look forward to hearing from youkind regardsJames Ruussell

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