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      Hi Everyone. I tried to post this already and it kept saying error. If it is duplicated please feel free to let me know. We are parents of children with autism and are currently working on a project that will enable everyone on an intervention team to put the priority on the child instead of data management. Why are so many teams are still using outdated and cumbersome methods of data collection and communication - hand-drawn charts, papers in binders, email? Would it not be easier if everyone on the team could access the data on-line at any time? This is what we are building and we need your support to make it happen. To find out more please visit http://www.myabakis.com. We wanted to ask your permission as well as your support to post about our project on your forum. We have launched a Kickstarter Campaign and truly believe in our project. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/abakis-autism-intervention-made-simple Thank you so very much,Dawn O'Brien

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