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      Hi all,Thought I would just post a little introduction about myself, since I have joined today as a member of the forum. I do not have Autism myself but I am very interested in learning more about Autism.Why I joined - Firstly, I made a post about my research project in another section of the forum (thanks for allowing us the space to do that). I also personally believe the best way to learn about Autism is not by reading books, or by research (even though I do research), but to hear from the first hand experiences from people with Autism, or those who care for people with Autism. I hope to become a clinician one day, and I feel it's important that people who work with those with Autism do not just learn by reading books. Those people who have Autism, or parents and carers of those with Autism, are the real experts. I have also been part of a Facebook forum for three years, and I have learnt loads about Autism from families and carers. I might not post much on here, but it's great to have a read through.My favourite thing - I love Aeroplanes!! I've loved them ever since I was a little kid. I know all the different types of Airliners (A380 is my favourite), and my favourite hobby is to go to one of the big cities in Scotland watch them take off and land. One of my favourite hobbies as a kid was to google pictures of them, I used to do this for hours. I have a little collection of Aeroplanes, my goal is to get models of planes for all the Airlines that are no longer in operation (e.g. BMI, MyTravel, Britiannia). I know some people with Autism who also love Aeroplanes and they know so much more about them than me. It's great to speak to other people who like the same things as me 🙂Hope you enjoyed my little introductionBrightBlue

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