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      Hello, I am 50ish, diagnosed Aspergers living in Norfolk and I am of mixed race, so not interested in far right (or far left, no homophobes either). Just making it clear from the start so anyone replying won’t waste their time or mine, especially about (3) forming a group/newsletter etc. Please no replies from, or promoting, organisations, firms, corporations or any funded/voluntary groups. I want advice from actual individuals, preferably with AS, or their spouses/family/carers etc. I have made artworks, sculptures etc which have no market value which hopefully I would like to go to a good home if anything happens to me (not that I am planning anything to). Could they be stored anywhere? I don’t want them to end up in a skip/landfill in case anyone ever likes them. Are there any AS's in Norfolk, especially in their late 40s who would like to contact me about forming a group/printed newsletter/website/anything similar which is run by, and for, AS people and their families, friends, spouses, carers etc. Is there such a group/newsletter/website already in Norfolk/Cambridgeshire/Suffolk/ East Anglia? What are the contact details? Any AS’s, preferably in Norfolk (I don’t have transport) who are in to digital video/film/art/photo/music etc and associated programs and software. Wouldn’t mind using an old video camera as well. Need a lot of advice and help as it is a long while since I have made videos.Can anyone recommend (from personal experience) an advocate for adult autistics and anyone anywhere who can teach social skills and interaction to adult AS’s of 49 onwards?Has anyone any experience or advice on self-employment by/for autistics especially those of us who can’t do maths therefore can’t manage accounts/tax/VAT etc. Is there anywhere a service which is run by/aware of AS issues and which is affordable if you aren’t making millions a year. Many ThanksEphemerol9

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