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      Hi, my name is Lucretia and I have been the mother of a wonderful, bright and intellagent son for nealy 13yrs. He has Asburges Syndrome and unlike many other children I have met with this dyagnosis he is able to fully interact, maintain eye contact and think about others. If something changes suddenly or is moved he has learnt to accept this and carry on, and he has just started his second year in a main-stream high school. All this has been acheived with blood and tears (mostly my own and my mother’s) like most he was cut off and isolated inside himself, but with time and effort we slowly tought him with repertsion and physical re-enforcement (a touch to the shoulder as you speak or holding gently their chin until their eyes stay connected to yours ect) to connect with others around him. Now this might sound like a fairy story to some of you, and others are probably thinking why is she so concerned if her son is doing so well. The answer is simple, I am concerned about the advice and services that are offered. Why? Because my son is only where he is now as he has a very stubbon mother who ignored everything she was told and found her own way to reach him. And over these 13yrs I have been rewarded by unsolisteted hugs, and the knowledage that against the odds my son will have a full rich future of his own choosing. It wasn’t easy, it took more than I ever thought I was capable of and I know that it doesn’t stop here. But I TRULY believe that not aranging the world to fit around them and instead taking the time to teach them that there is a whole world out there is the best route for them. After all autism is a condision, it is not a way of life! Thank you for taking the time to read this and any and all responces are welcome, and sorry about my miss-spelling as I’m dyslexic and can’t seem to find the spell-check.[8D]

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