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      Hello all,I'm completely new to ASD and AS, my little boy Philip just received a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome yesterday, which was a complete shock to us. We have been trying to get him assessed about his speech for some time now, as we felt it was a bit delayed and had some strange patterns to it, but the diagnosis putting him on the spectrum was unexpected.Philip does have some behaviours that I would associate with ASD, for example he gets very upset if he's getting a haircut, or getting his ears cleaned, he dislikes certain textures, is very interested in certain subjects (such as things that fly, such as birds or insects, and flying dinosaurs...) likes putting things in certain places, or lining his toys up in quite intricate ways... Has a very good memory, especially about places, and is very good at puzzles. But on the other hand, we haven't found that these things were excessive to the degree that they would interfere with his life, we were always able to distract him, and if he does get upset it passes after a while -I can't say that we've seen especially strong melt downs. If something gets too much for him (such as the dog barking,) he tends to just go to another room. He does display imaginative play (such as he will pretend a shoe lace is a worm, or a ball is a pterodactyl egg,) he also participates in pretend games his sister orchestrates (this started quite recently, and I'm not sure if it's learned behaviour to a degree, since his sister is especially keen on pretend games.) He enjoys hugs and kisses, and likes to make people laugh, he has quite an impish sense of humour actually. He wants to make people happy, and for example will give a toy away if the other child wants it and is getting upset. In all honesty he hasn't been especially challenging to parent, which is why this diagnosis has been a bit of a shock. (I hope this doesn't sound wrong... stereotypes and everything!) Now I look at my little boy and think what a cracking fun child he is, and worry that he'll be unhappy, or lonely, or bullied... Does anybody's child sound like my Philip? How are your children doing, and how can you help them be happy?Best,Anna

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