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      Hello everyone 🙂My name is Clare and my 2 year old son has been diagnosed with Autism. I am basically here as all advice and help etc.. would be greatly appreciated as i am really struggling to communicate with him as he gets very distressed and upset and doesnt know how to tell me what he wants.Zac doesnt know how to communicate with me and wont point or make any eye contact with me in an attempt to tell me what he wants, he doesnt point, he rarely answers to his name, he just doesnt know how to tell me what he wants except than to cry or tantrum. For example if he wants a toy and cant reach it etc he will just stand there crying and i try desparately to give me some sign to show me what he wants, such as i will go over to him and point at the toy or get him to make eye contact, (but nothing....) he just gets upset then either puts his head down and covers his eyes or runs away.On a separate note, i am also desparate to find a good Speech and Language Therapist for him in the Leeds, West Yorkshire area, as Zac still isnt saying ANY words. His communicatation and interaction is very poor and he cannot follow simple instructions and doesnt really seem to understand anything i say to him or look in the direction of things i point to.I really dont know where to start to be honest....i cannot get a speech therapist on the NHS until March time and even then they say they would only probably be able to fit me in once a month (if that), so i want to go private and find a good therapist for him to get started asap.I could also do with tips on trying to get him to use a spoon or knife and fork etc...(he will eat finger food with no problems, and doesnt have any problems with textures), again he just tantrums and gets frustrated then i end up caving in and feeding him.It is starting to get me depressed as i just dont know what to do, and cant seem to get any help from my doctors etc and all they say is i will have to wait for the referral to the speech therapist, so obviously me and his father are getting more and more frustrated by the day and so is zac as we are struggling to know what he wants...grrrrrrrrrrr!!Sorry for blabbing on and on...all advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂thanksclare x

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