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Hi Michael,Why not try writing a letter to your Doctor, explaining your self just like you have on this forum, he/she may well understand more than you think, hopefully they will pick up on the fears you have, and hopefully will get someone to get in touch with you. its always hard to explain at first face to face with a doctor and our alwys aware that time is precious during an appointment, a letter will give the Doctor time to absorb the imformation and perhaps discuss with his colleques who may have more experience with the issues you have, and they may contact you. i have a son of 24 with autism, and i look at my own obsession and think i have a lot of autistic tendancies, apparently everyone has a certain amount of autism, how many ladies puff up the cusions on their settees, and put them at an angle. My son lives with me, and my life is great where he is concerned, he brings me so much joy, dont under estimate you mum coping with what you may have to tell her. she porbably has an idea already. you need to get your carers allowance, so for your own sake, dont worry what other people think, keep asking for it, and for you mum to be assessed to.