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Hi there – I am new to this world of ASD / Asperger / Autisum !!!! My little girl (9) was provisionally acessed the other day and we were informed that she had Asperger / ADHD !!!! the one thing i did do was Cry – silly eh but I felt as though at least someone was listening to me and I was not going mad! i am trying to find some local support groups and its very hard to find them! does anyone have any ideas. My little girl – sweet and loving as she can be can also be a very nasty, foul mouthed, anger, violent little girl too! I can only presume that this is one side of the condition, and I am finding it very hard to deal with. The added problem that has caused her to be very agressive just lately and this is that her father who had a 50/50 shared care arrangement with me has now decided that he only wants to see them one night a week! so now I have her full time and along with her older sister we are finding it very hard to adjust as she does not like change either! so it has really affected her. I have tried a discipline routinue for naughty behaviour and it the old favourite "the naughty chair" and this does seem to work to a degree but is there any other suggestions that anyone can give me???? Anyway that is a little bit about me and my situation, if you wish to suggest anything I would be grateful.