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Hi Kath, I too am new here, Usua;;y a child development specialist Doctor, will examine your child ask you and him questions etc. along with school teachers, child psychologist, any any other specialists, will write reports regarding your concerns. They meet at the Local education authority panel to draw up a statement which you will need to agree to, in order to find the correct educational environment for your son. This is because autistic [eople have difficulty in social situations and can have difficulty understanding their environment. You will need to stay focussed, and push to get your sons diagnoses finalised... it may not be autism, but another disorder on the austism spectrum, especially if your son was verbal before the age of 3. This is Aspergers syndrome, a diusability with simular signs to autism but with the ability to interact to some degree. You need to speak to your GP about your concerns and get a referel to a child development team Dr. Then see what they advise, as to what the next step is. If the Dr believes there is a problem, he/she will refer your son to development/ psychological etc testing which results in statementing if necessary. The school will be asked to provide evidence, as well as any other professional that deals with your son....any club leaders may be asked to write a report too. I hope this helps. Our 3yr old has just been diagnosed, after statementing recognised autism, but failed to name autism as reason for behaviour, so i asked for referal to local autistic paediatric consultant. ( statementing proceedure said our daughter was a speech and language /toilet training /social interaction problem child... one long winded way of saying autism if you ask me.)